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About Frank Dobia Archives

About Frank Dobia Archives, Frank Dobia's new website

This website is an archive of materials Frank Dobia has collected over the years during his travels back and forth to Poland. The Frank Dobia Archives is a testimony of Frank's experience before, during, and after World War II, and incorporates some of his testimony as a Holocaust survivor. The website is an effort to document and digitize his family and extended family in a way that will preserve it in perpetuity.

About the webmaster, Erika Herzog

At a family reunion in Milwaukee in 2008, one of Erika's maternal grandparent's family told a story about how her GUTGLASS family never had to spend money on window washing fluid -- all they had to do was say their original name in its original Polish (with head going side to side): DOBRASZKLANSKA.

I heard this story and had one of those electric genealogical moments -- I had a bunch of records I had flagged for our family shtetl (Radzanow) because there were so many DOBRASZKLANSKAs listed, and I thought the surname was possibly related to another family surname.

I googled DOBRASZKLANSKA and contacted Frank -- who is probably a cousin, seeing as his dad sometimes went by GUTGLASS as well -- and the rest, as they say, is history.

It is a privilege and an honor to have gotten to know Frank. I hope this website captures how much Frank has worked on these materials, and how much he has survived.

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